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Barn Quilts
What are these?

A quilt block is a square piece of patchwork, one of many sewn together to create a traditional quilt. A similar patchwork of myriad colors and shapes painted on canvas is my version of the barn quilt. As with the sewn method, the possible combinations of designs, patterns and colors on canvas are endless.

The Quilts
A few samples...

I hope to share my hand painted barn quilts with Americana lovers and quilting enthusiasts, especially in North Georgia."

- Kathryn Reedy


Barn Colors
Art of the barn quilt...

Barn quilts are outdoor art. These bursts of patterned color can adorn barns, porches, garages, or that empty wall without a window. With minor modification, they can also be used as a floor cloth or wall mural.. Inspired by the Barn Quilt Trails of Western North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Iowa, I hope to share my hand-painted pieces with Americana lovers in North Georgia.

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